Love at the First Sight

Love at the First Sight: Myth or Reality?

The pupils dilate, the heart begins to beat hard and the body temperature rises. These are some of the small transformations that our body undergoes when we are in front of someone who generates a very strong attraction.

Some call that falling in love; others, crush. But beyond the denominations that are wanted to give to the question, the certain thing is that we were all, once, victims of those swells of sudden emotion. Does that mean that love at first sight exists? Well, there the waters divide.

Can Love at the First Sight Happen

Can Love at the First Sight Happen?

On the one hand there are those who believe fervently in first impressions. They maintain that there is no possibility of living a great love with someone if, in the beginning, a great tremor was not experienced. All of them will be interested to know that, according to a study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior , love at first sight exists, at least in their case.

As stated in the publication, ” the more time the man passes looking at his partner, the sooner he will fall at his feet”. Apparently, if a man stares at a woman for four seconds or less, it means that the woman did not make a big impression; but if he manages to break the 8.2-second barrier, then, in that boy, love was born, or, for the most skeptical.

Can Love Happen Twice

To carry out this research, 115 students were recorded while interacting with each other. In the camera the movement of the eyes and the duration of the gazes were registered, then they were asked how attracted they had felt to their companions. When analyzing the data, the conclusion was reached that they persist longer observing women who like them than those who do not; instead they always act the same, regardless of whether they feel a crush or not.

The reason? Girls are accustomed to disguising their interest in the opposite sex, for a social issue. It is that the feminine liberation still has not reached its maximum splendor, although that is already known. Now, is this study really conclusive? I think the report raises more questions than certainties.

The only thing that is clear is that men are more onlookers than women, but that does not mean that for women the first impression does not count, but rather they can disguise their emotions better. So as evidence that love at first sight exists is not strong enough.

Now, there is another great part of the world that asserts that love at first sight is pure story. There is an important wealth of scientific evidence that supports this theory. Just to name one, I refer to a publication prepared in the Journal of Neuro-science, where it is asserted that that crush sometimes attributed to the beginning of love is only the product of a brain deceit.

Love Couple - First Sight

This happens when a set of memories from the past, stored in memory, combine with feelings that are experienced in the present.

According to the research, our brain keeps a record of those past images, which are then cut and edited so that they “fit” with the present that is being lived. So, when we say that the first time we saw our partner, love was born, the only thing we are referring to is a selection mechanism that makes our brain, which allows us to transfer feelings of the present to the past.

Final Words

As if that were not enough, as detailed in the report, we have the ability to bring back and edit, in different ways, the same memory at different times in our lives. That is to say that we adjust our memories in the way that is most convenient for us. It is, in some way, a survival mechanism.

Possibly it would be impossible to live with optimism if one stored, with great detail, each of the events they had to go through.