Music Therapy

Music Therapy: Everything You Need to Know About

Music is an element that is present in all cultures of the world. The sounds that make up music are a language that all beings on earth understand, not only humans but all living beings. Although in humans it has an impact that can be very helpful because it has therapeutic purposes.

Music is reflected in our body, are perceptions, sensations, emotions and much information that is received through our sense of hearing, to later reach our brain generating a sound capacity that we can materialize with memories and even images.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

About the Music Therapy

Music therapy, today, has helped in different moods along with our spirituality. There is music to relax us to sleep, to meditate and also to get more accelerated. It is a medium that undoubtedly impacts our mood because the tonalities of this art are a reflection of our emotions. Therefore, there are sounds that favor us because they relax us, they bring us happiness.

In such a way that according to the rhythm that we listen, it is the behavior that our body will feel. Music is everywhere, every time we hear melodies, music and rhythms that can put us apply ourselves both energy and tranquility.

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But well, without a doubt we ask ourselves: how is it that music strongly affects our emotions?

Music and music therapy offer us many tools that give us abilities to capture different tones and balance our emotions through them because music represents the path to our interior.

Therefore, there are rhythms with which we have affinity and we connect because music is generated from tonalities that exist in the universe and its therapeutic side, it is a specialization that integrates sounds of nature to give us peace and equanimity, due to that we will listen as a means of integral healing the sounds that emit the natural world and living beings that is why we connect so strongly with this therapy.

Music Has the Great Healing Power

For example, the melody that leaves the sound of the sea, that of the birds in the trees, the sound and music of the wind, all or this type of sounds fill us with a pleasant sensation, they allow us to internalize. And the tones that are mixed with different musical instruments, deepen us with our personal experiences and listening to them opens a huge range of exploration for the mind and body.

Music Therapy is Very Powerful

For example, the psychologist and musicologist Hildemari, discovered after many years of research that the unconscious can be activated by means of music for its own purposes while the patient sleeps.

On the other hand, the specialist when gathering hundreds of musical dreams of people of all kinds concluded that the appearance of music in dreams tends to mark important stages in the healing process.

Music is the shorthand of emotion. ― Leo Tolstoy

Also our unconscious fulfills an ancient healing function in our body and listening to certain types of music will touch healing points. This is because all matter is in a state of vibration that affects our senses because most things emit waves and pulsations throughout the universe.

In this way, we can conclude that music is a sacred privilege, a divine rhythm that allows us to know ourselves better and reach a balance in life.

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